Ode to Summer Vegetable Trays

Cucumber & Taziki Dip

It’s a must have compliment to a menu of grilled deliciousness at any summer dinner party. No matter where you find comfort in an outdoor meal, always know the classic summer vegetable tray will be there with its bounty of flavors.

I found myself not wanting to “cook” for a recent dinner party. It was not a good day to heat up the house as our central had been working overtime to keep the house cool, and Brent happy. He gets cranky when he’s warm. The dinner was a casual group of friends with simple food and beverages. The informal theme was a “A Simple Supper in the Summer Garden”.

My friend James came over with a bag full of fresh vegetables for a bowl of Tzatziki dip from my new favorite store, Costco. While plunging crisp florets of broccoli and crinkle cut cucumbers, I decided I had to post a selection of summer vegetable tray ideas.

5 Summer Vegetable Tray Ideas:

Pesto Goat Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes: Food Guy Magazine

Sun-Dried Tomato Dip: Food Guy Magazine

Greek Style Smorgasbord: For the Love of Cooking

Social Snackers: Very Heatherly

How to Build a Better Vegetable Tray: Garnish with Lemon

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