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If I the usage of any content (text, images or recipes) is discovered without written consent, a letter requesting removal of said content will be sent.

Personal Use
If you like a particular recipe and wish to copy it for your personal recipe collection, you may write it down or use the “print this recipe” link at the bottom of the post. Photos may not be uploaded to another website or used anywhere on the web without written permission.

Non-Commercial Distribution
An RSS feed of my content is provided for non-commercial use and is for display in feed readers only. If you would like to display one of my images or any of my text on your non-commercial website, please contact me first for approval.

Commercial Distribution
If your site displays any form of advertising (Adsense, Banners, etc.), then it is considered a commercial entity. The RSS feed for FoodGuyAdventures.com may not be used to aggregate content for commercial uses. This usage is forbidden and illegal.

Usage of all content is monitored regularly and the appropriate authorities will be contacted when violations occur.

Product Samples
Free product samples or offline experiences are occasionally accepted for review purposes. Reviews will be based personal opinion of the author and will not be influenced by the company of the product. In accordance with FTC guidelines, products featured on FoodGuyAdventures.com are disclosed as received for free or payment. Contact cory (at) foodguyadventures (dot) com for any questions regarding any questions about connections this site might have to the company/product in question.

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