Sara Moulton: Everyday Family Dinners Cooking Demo

Hipster music pulsated from my car speakers as I drove through the rain to drop Sophie off at doggie daycare. With Brent at volleyball tournament in Cleveland over the weekend, I decided to take advantage of the “me time” to do what I enjoy the most…being a foodie. My day was jammed packed with a variety of activities that were sure to kick myself back into writing posts for this site. But there would be nothing more exciting than watching a cooking demo from a special celebrity visitor.

Sara Moulton, TV personality and former Executive Chef of Gourmet Magazine, is currently on a multi-city tour to promote her new book called Everyday Family Dinners. I entered the humble independently owned kitchen store, called In the Kitchen, to be greeted by a fury of activity around the centrally located demonstration kitchen. Sara was there finalizing the preparations of her ingredients and the audience of roughly 30 people mingled around the u-shaped counter. My friends hadn’t quite arrived which gave me just enough time to drool over the beautifully displayed Le Creuset cookware and assorted other gadgets.

The cooking demonstration began promptly at 11 am with an introduction of Sara’s long list of accomplishments. With a degree from the Culinary Institute of America, multiple TV shows, food editing, three cookbooks and more, it was clear Sara has long been considered one of the hardest working women in the food biz. She featured two recipes, including Polenta Lasagna and Warm Chocolate Cheesecake with gusto. Both are part of the over 200 new recipes that are featured in her new cookbook.

Sara is an amazing storyteller as she regaled about her experiences, mottos for cooking, the best uses for cooking tools, and even dished a bit about the final days of Gourmet magazine. Whether it was the layout of the demonstration area or her engaging humor, I felt like I was part of the cooking process every step of the way. Even when she discovered the store owner used a latex glove in replace of a baggie, she couldn’t help but infuse a joke or two.

Shortly after the dessert was popped in the oven and a perfectly cooked “television” version emerged, the book signing began. I, of course, was lucky enough to be near the front of the line as we were corralled into an organized fashion. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself when I realized the entire group surrounding me was all nearly 60 years old and under 5 feet tall. It was definitely one of the more unusual feelings I’ve had in a long time.

If you ever have the opportunity to experience Sara’s cooking first hand, you will see someone who is truly passionate about her craft and willing to share her experiences with others. I definitely encourage you to check out her new cookbook soon. With over 200 new tried and true recipes, you are sure to find something every member of the family will enjoy.

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  • I hope I don’t get virtually punched here, but I haven’t heard of Sara Moulton 🙁 BUT from that last picture, I can see the love in your eyes!! Haha She must be amazing!

  • What an amazing experience and one I know you will never forget! My daughter and I had the wonderful opportunity to watch a cooking demo and meet Sara Moulton back in 2002 at Kitchen Etc (which unfortunately has closed) She was so nice, had us laughing and her food was amazing!! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. I enjoyed seeing Sara Moulton again through your visit =]

  • What a great foodie day! Do you have T.J. Maxx stores by you?? I’ve scored ALL my LeCrueset’s there – I got a 9×13 pan for only $30 when it retails for $150!

    • Biz: I love TJ Maxx! I get so much stuff from there. What I really miss is actually HomeGoods. There are none around here.